About Natty

Natty Nutrition is owned and operated by Jason and Stephaney Theobald – a happily married couple who shares the passion of nutrition and helping others achieve their goals. Both Stephaney and Jason are certified in nutrition through the AFPA and both have years of experience in training and physique competition. They both pride themselves on not only being knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, but also on their extraordinary level of service. Each client gets the individual attention and support he/she deserves!

Natty Nutrition started as a response to Jason Theobald’s lack of satisfaction with traditional nutrition plans. Jason was tired of the “cookie cutter” diet that only worked for SOME people and was determined to find a better way. After years of research combined with trial and error Jason came up with a SMART approach customized for his own body type and goals. His approach proved to be very successful and people took notice. Both competitors and non-competitors began contacting Jason for help and Natty Nutrition was born in 2008.

Jason's wife, Stephaney, started out in the background as the operations and marketing brains of Natty Nutrition (while working full-time as an IT Project Manager) - but as her nutritional knowledge and experience grew she quickly became a nutritional expert in her own right, and in 2009 she decided to quit her job to run Natty Nutrition full-time. She received her certification in nutritional consulting, as well as personal training, and began building her own reputation and client base.

In August of 2010 the first official staff member was brought on in order to help as many people as possible while still maintaining Natty’s excellent level of customer service. In 2011 more consultants were brought on to help with the ever-growing client demand. Here are some quick facts about the staff:

Stephaney Theobald

Stephaney Theobald

SPECIALTY: general nutrition, athletics, and Bikini/Figure/Physique competition preparation

HOMETOWN: Edgewood, KY


BS, Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Cincinnati
AFPA Certified (nutrition AND training)

OCCUPATION: Owner/Operator of Natty Nutrition
Former IT Project Manager for General Electric (5 years) and Johnson & Johnson (2 years)

2012 Sponsorship Recipient - TMarie Competition Suits
Top 15 Open Figure Class B - 2011 NPC Jr. USA in Charleston, SC
Top 10 Open Figure Class B - 2010 NPC Jr. Nationals in Chicago
2nd Place Open Figure Class A - 2010 NPC GNC Classic in Central Indiana
2nd Place Open Figure Class B - 2009 KY State

HOBBIES: Spending time with family, reading and puzzles of any kind

Brian and Ashley Marshall

Ashley and Brian Marshall

Ashley Marshall
SPECIALTY: NATTY RUN, general nutrition and endurance athletics
HOMETOWN: Edgewood, KY
BA in History and BSE in Education (University of Dayton)
Master of Arts in History (The Pennsylvania State University)
AFPA Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification
OCCUPATION: Secondary Education Teacher
Track and Cross Country Coach (Notre Dame Academy)
Reggae Run, Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon, East Fork Lake Spring Triathlon (Swim, Bike, Run)

HOBBIES: Studying nutrition, family, spending tie with husband, outdoors activities (biking, swimming), reading, history
Please Click HERE to see my personal journey with Natty. Also click HERE to read my updated testimonial!

Brian Marshall:
SPECIALTY: NATTY RUN, endurance athletics and training plans for runners
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Louisville
OCCUPATION: Sales at M & D Insulation
Distance Track Coach (Covington Catholic High School)
Cross Country Coach (Notre Dame Academy)
RUNNING EXPERIENCE: High School: Covington Catholic College: Morehead University; University of Louisville
MOST RECENT RACES/MARATHONS/ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2012 Indianapolis Monumnetal Marathon --2:43.12 (Personal Best); Boston Marathon Qualifier, St. Jude Memphis Marathon, Nashville Country Music Marathon, Nationwide Columbus Half Marathon (4th place in age group; 17th overall), Cincinnati Flying Pig Full and Half Marathons, Louisville Iron Man, Louisville Half Iron Man, Half Iron Man, Flying Pig Marathon (2012, 11th place overall); Red Legs Run (10K 2012, 6th place overall)
Please Click HERE to read more about my personal journey with Natty.
Darlene Taylor

Darlene Taylor

SPECIALTY: general nutrition, athletes, Bikini/figure/physique competition preparation, body imagine coaching/counseling, fitness training

HOMETOWN: Anchorage, AK

BA, Sociology Washington State University
MSW, Social Work, University of Cincinnati
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

OCCUPATION: Owner/operator of Project Me with Darlene,
clinical social worker (private practice)
Professor of Women’s Studies, University of Cincinnati

1st place Open Figure Class D - 2017 NGA Cincinnati Natural
2nd place Figure Masters Over 40 - 2017 NGA Cincinnati Natural
2nd place Figure Pure Novice2017 - NGA Cincinnati Natural

1st place Figure Novice Class D – 2017 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival
2nd place Figure Open Class F – 2017 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival
3rd place Figure Masters 40+ Class C - 2017 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival


I have always been an athlete, running track in college and staying active in tennis as an adult. I wanted to share my love of fitness and my experience dealing with body image issues with others so I became a personal trainer in 2013. Oftentimes, When we think about fitness, we focus solely on exercise but that is just one piece of the puzzle. I believe that when you desire to change yourself on the outside, you have to change on the inside as well. That is the reason I focus not only on efficient exercise, but also on smart nutrition, balancing hormones, controlling stress, and focusing on total wellness by identifying and dealing with emotional issues that might sabotage your efforts. All of these things work together to create the change. I am passionate about passing on this knowledge to others.
I trained for my first figure competitions with Natty Nutrition. It was an amazing experience and I became a true believer in what the right nutrition can do for your body. I am excited to share what I’ve learned and experienced with others.

Spending time with family, playing tennis, reading, working out

Julie Patton

SPECIALTY:  Fitness Training. Julie specializes in teaching people how to complete IN-HOME resistance training workouts when they are unable to access a gym or heavy lifting equipment. She can show you how to get sore with minimal equipment or a full gym!  She does not operate out of a specific gym, but either hosts people “in-house” or can negotiate coming to you (depending on location!)




Licensed Registered Nurse: Diploma from Christ Hospital School of Nursing

International Sports Sciences Association Fitness Trainer Certification

BACKGROUND: To see my journey through Natty Nutrition view my original testimonial by clicking here: http://www.nattynutrition.com/pages/Blog/entry/73/   -Working with Natty as a CLIENT has really changed my life. I began the process in my early 30s, and up to that point I had never really been athletic or involved in sports. Any exercise I had done was primarily cardio based. I found that HEAVY resistance training changed my body in ways that I, now a mother of four, never thought possible. I truly want to  share the knowledge I’ve gained and help other people achieve their fitness goals. I especially  want WOMEN to see that when done correctly, HEAVY or INTENSE  resistance training (whether with weights or bands) will not bulk you up. It actually helps you look LEANER and slimmer!

Email: Julie@nattynutrition.com

Jason Theobald

Jason Theobald

SPECIALTY: Scooby Prep for elite athletes and bodybuilding/figure/physique competitors

NICKNAME: Snacks, Scooby, Theo

HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, OH

BA, Economics and Sociology, Centre College
J.D. Salmon P. Chase College of Law
AFPA Certified Nutrition Consultant

OCCUPATION: Corporate Attorney and Nutrition Consultant

Top 15 Lightweight Open - 2010 NPC Nationals in Atlanta
1st Place Welterweight Open - 2010 NPC Tricky Jackson Classic
4th Place Lightweight Open - 2010 NPC Jr. Nationals in Chicago
1st Place Welterweight Open - 2010 NPC GNC Classic in Central Indiana
6th Place Lightweight Open - 2009 NPC Jr. Nationals in Chicago
1st Place Lightweight Open - 2009 NPC GNC Classic in Central Indiana


Sports Nutrition and supplementation, lifting weights, playing soccer and hiking when time permits